Specialization Requirements & Application Procedures

Admission Requirements

Students must register in one of the participating units (i.e. graduate departments, faculties and institutes listed), in order to be eligible for either option of study in the Collaborative Specialization in Aging, Palliative and Supportive Care across the Life Course.

Program Requirements

Students will be required to complete two courses (one core and one elective) for the master’s program and require three courses for the doctoral program, for either of the two options. It is expected that the student’s thesis or practicum (whichever is included in their program of study) be in the area of their chosen option (i.e., either aging and the life course; or palliative and supportive care).

Application Procedures

Graduate students apply for the program by providing:

  1. a brief letter of intent expressing interest in the program;
  2. a resume;
  3. copies of all official transcripts;
  4. a copy of your SGS application form; and
  5. for doctoral students only, two letters of reference.